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Law Centre

  • Legal support for effectiveness of international commercial and financial transactions
  • Economic security and anti-fraud protection in financial operations and transactions
  • Legal security for protection of corporate operations and strategic transactions
  • Protection of private industry critical infrastructure using national security solutions
  • Advisory support to navigate economic and geopolitical trends, events and crises
  • Certified Barristers Opinions and Memoranda of Law to support lawful strategies


  • Government contracting for national ministries, agencies and administrations
  • Facilitation for international law enforcement and national security cooperation
  • Developing sovereign wealth fund operations to support UN projects of member states
  • International law strategies and consulting for geopolitical projects and situations
  • Special envoy negotiation support for alternative channels of diplomatic relations
  • Advisory and strategic recommendations for national administrations and UN members

Think Tank

  • Think tank strategic research and analysis for foreign policy and public policy
  • Promoting the Rule of Law in international security and conflict resolution
  • Supporting sovereignty of nation-states for geopolitical and sociopolitical diversity
  • Human rights advocacy and policy development in national and international forums
  • Civil rights advocacy and awareness in government policy and banking regulations
  • Historical research and analysis to guide effective foreign policy and global security


  • Management support for protection and growth of sovereign wealth funds
  • Assisting management of public and private charitable humanitarian funds
  • Establishing in-house capabilities for leveraging and generating operations budgets
  • Certified appraisals and valuations of assets, expert opinions on legal rights to assets
  • Promoting human rights and civil rights issues in banking and financial services
  • Legal support and international law expertise for economic security

About ISIS

Multifunctional Role as International Non-Profit Institution

The Institute for Sovereign International Security (ISIS) is an international registered United Nations civil society organization (CSO) and non-governmental organization (NGO) of the Un Department of Economic and Social Affairs, classified as an institution, registered as a non-profit organization.

The central theme that unifies all ISIS programs and services is “legal aspects of human rights, geopolitical and economic security under the rule of law”, backed by institutional academic expertise.

ISIS is internationally licensed as a law firm and international security firm, serving as an expert contractor for governments and intergovernmental organizations. It functions as a law centre, legal and geopolitical research institute, authorized to assign delegates to contribute to UN events and to provide advisors and technical experts to assist UN projects.

ISIS is authorized and internationally licensed to operate an independent, non-governmental, judicial Court of binding commercial arbitration, and also of international justice for the adjudication and enforcement of international law.

Under both its licensed authority from a Ministry of Justice and also statutory authority of international law, ISIS operates the autonomous Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ).

ISIS also maintains advanced academic and scholarly research programs in international law and relevant specialties of ancient and medieval history as related to geopolitics. These robust academic capabilities enabled ISIS to be further authorized and internationally licensed as both a university-level educational institution, and also as an educational accrediting agency.

Under its licensed authority from a Ministry of Education, ISIS operates the autonomous University Law Centre for Social Justice, and the University History Centre for World Heritage.

In the educational sector, ISIS serves as an accrediting agency and university-level academic institution, upholding standards and promoting advancements in academia, in cooperation with accredited universities and prestigious academic institutions.

In the public sector, ISIS serves as a government contractor for special projects, providing operational support for international law enforcement and security agencies, protection of sovereign foreign investments, and cooperation among nations for economic prosperity. As a priority, it concentrates on promoting international peace by upholding inviolable principles of international law, and protection of civil rights and human rights. It also provides a base of infrastructure for the autonomous Arbitration Court of International Justice.

In these public roles, ISIS is an independent contracting agency that is politically neutral, not subject to influence by any one country, and equally protecting the legitimate interests of different countries under international law.

In the private sector, ISIS serves as an international law firm, economic security agency through legal support, for protection of national critical infrastructure assets that are operated by commercial enterprises, law firms, banking and financial services institutions. It also provides commercial binding arbitration through the autonomous Arbitration Court of International Justice, for binding resolution of legal disputes, in a politically neutral forum that is more fair, balanced and accessible in an international context.

In these private roles, ISIS gives private companies and institutions many of the capabilities and advantages that national security agencies use to protect government ministries and subdivisions, and empowers the private sector to operate more freely with less governmental interference.

Non-Profit Tax Deductible Status as Humanitarian Organization

The Institute for Sovereign International Security (ISIS) is a registered Non-Profit organization, granted international Tax Exempt status by a relevant Ministry of Taxation and also the Ministry of Finance of a sovereign nation-state. All donations to the various non-profit activities of ISIS are generally universally “tax deductible” by international standards.

In the United States, ISIS is generally tax exempt by automatic statutory authority of 26 USC 501(a) of the US Tax Code. It is additionally specifically tax exempt for all donors by authority of 26 USC 170(c)(2), since it is “operated exclusively for charitable or educational purposes”, and 26 USC 501(c)(4) as a “civic organization operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare”, because even its foreign branches are owned by its American foundation. Having general automatic statutory tax exemption as “501(a) status”, as a matter of law ISIS is exempt from needing any additional “501(c)(3)” status.

ISIS manages, supports and promotes a wide range of non-profit, philanthropic and humanitarian projects. Many projects provide support for universities, libraries, museums, charitable programs of religious organizations, philanthropic programs of dynastic royal houses and chivalric orders, and other non-profit institutions. Key strategic missions of ISIS humanitarian projects include the protection and enforcement of human rights, and the promotion of access to education.

Multinational Background of Founding Inspirations

The Institute for Sovereign International Security (ISIS) evolved from decades of development and networking by numerous organizations of military veterans and national security veterans, from multiple countries of different political alignments. History has proven that veterans are the primary keepers of their sworn oaths to protect and defend the critical infrastructure of society, and are the most disciplined and highly skilled experts that the civilian business world can solidly rely upon.

The formation of ISIS was inspired by the Russian tradition of veterans associations being rightfully respected as the sworn guardians of public welfare and prosperity of their nation, dominating the spheres of licensed detective agencies, private investigation firms, armed guarding and executive protection services, and government contractors, as industry leaders.

It was equally inspired by the American tradition of individual veterans being highly respected in private industry and commerce for their strong discipline, advanced skills, and unique leadership abilities, that make them ideal business executives who drive commerce and industry forward to prosperity.

While ISIS developed through Russian and American government contractors working on active projects, its veteran experts learned the value of unique contributions by Arabic and Middle Eastern countries. As a popular cultural, political and commercial center of the Arabic world as well as the African continent, Egypt was chosen by ISIS as the most effective and agreeable territory for many cooperation projects.

For international relations and UN-related projects, the neutral and independent jurisdiction of Switzerland was selected for general operations, as an international banking center and UN decision-making center.

UN Status


ISIS is a Registered United Nations (UN) Civil Society Organization (CSO) and Non-governmental Organization (NGO) of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Court of Law

Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ)

ISIS provides licensed authority and infrastructure to the Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ), triggering statutory authority and jurisdiction to enforce international law and human rights.


Please Donate to the Public Access to Justice Endowment (PAJE) Fund of the tax-exempt ACIJ Human Rights Court: